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SCALPELTECH Medical Supplies Co., Ltd., headquartered in Xuyi, Jiangsu, P.R. China, focuses on manufacturing and marketing both OEM and branded disposable medical products designed for surgical and general healthcare applications, we mainly produce surgical sutures, suture needles, surgical scalpels, surgical blades, dental needles, and blood lancets.

SCALPELTECH Medical Supplies is an exceptional company, in that it uses next-generation technology to meet the growing demands of today's society. Our quality has been proven time and time again: high demand and use worldwide, and certification of approval of the two major medical authorities-CE, and ISO. Through its incredible commitment to efficiency, SCALPELTECH Medical Supplies is able to provide medical supplies of paramount quality at a lower and more reasonable cost. Thus, with a prosperous future ahead, SCALPELTECH Medical Supplies sees no boundaries to its success and wishes to include you in this flourishing voyage.

We also sell dental loupes, if you are interested in surgical dental loupes, please visit for more.

  • Customer Service standards that exceed expectation and captivate our customers
  • Commitment to products that provide exceptional performance and value
  • Innovative product development and continuous product improvement
  • Create a workplace that fosters employees dedicated to achieving goals in a team environment
  • Support technology that reduces supply chain costs and enhances our customer and supplier relationships
  • Actively support the communities in which we operate
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